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In Hamilton County, as in many other jurisdictions, drug dealers can be charged with manslaughter when a customer overdoses and dies, but prosecutors can't charge a dealer without verifying what he sold. To confirm that victims have overdosed on illegal opiates and to support prosecution of drug dealers, Sammarco's team must parse the chemical composition of seized samples. Other users can't Skip Tracing Tool help, as they generally "don't know what they're taking," says Tom Fallon, a lead investigator with the Hamilton County Heroin Task Force. A computer readout of one sample in the crime lab here illustrates why. The batch includes heroin, of course, but also caffeine, an antihistamine, an unidentified fentanyl compound, carfentanil, and another nasty analog, furanylfentanyl. Some recently seized How to find personal information? batches have also been laced with ketamine, an anesthetic that has gained popularity in China as a recreational drug. When the carfentanil wave struck, the county lab scrambled to prepare its analytical tools. One challenge was simply finding samples to compare to seized material. Veterinarians no longer use the substance, and commercial labs don't stock it. Eventually the coroner's office procured an expired batch from a nearby zoo. By October 2016, the county toxicology lab had fine-tuned its testing of blood and urine samples using a gas chromatograph mass spectrometer, which can find carfentanil at its smallest detectable dose.

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