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Called geometric morphometrics , it’s a suite of digital tools that can turn one of Lomekwi’s 4-inch-wide flakes of volcanic basalt into a 2-D or 3-D map of its curves, cracks, shape and size. These maps could be put into databases that could, eventually, allow scientists to compare the minute variations among tools from different periods and different locations. This technology is still in the early stages of adoption. Many tools have been scanned; far more have not. It’s primarily used to give archaeologists around the world access to artifacts they would otherwise have to travel long distances to see. People such as Shea hope that it will, one day, allow archaeologists to more definitively answer questions that today are addressed using circumstantial evidence and logical conjecture. The central issue is not necessarily whether scientists can tell a tool from a naturally broken rock. The more complex question is how to tell the difference between tools intentionally created (probably by humans or our ancient ancestors) and those that another primate made by accident. The difference matters.

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