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Ticks are here to stay. But scientists are finding ways to outsmart them

Maybe it’s a thing among tick scientists. Sam Telford of Tufts University’s veterinary school in North Grafton, Mass., who also studies the ecology of Lyme disease, has a similar reaction. Bites, he says, “itch like crazy.” A vaccine that makes people itch doesn’t sound very marketable, but blood that somehow Skip Trace poisons ticks sounds good. A vaccine to protect cattle against debilitating blood loss from bites already targets the tick itself. Newer ways of targeting ticks are being developed for livestock, and for humans, though protecting our species poses extra challenges. Of the nine or so tick species that spread diseases in North America, the three highlighted below cause the most trouble. Maps show each tick's U.S. habitat. “It would be lovely if we could get a vaccine,” says biochemist Kevin Esvelt of MIT. “But there’s a certain elegance to tackling the heart of the problem, which is ecological.” In several papers posted online at in 2016 and this year, Esvelt and colleagues laid out an approach that could slash Lyme risks by causing genetic changes in one of the mammals that ticks feed on, changes that could spread across whole landscapes. The view of Lyme as an ecological disease blames much of the rise in cases on the suburbanization and fragmentation of once-wild countryside in North America.

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